Lease Agreements Registration

The actual lease between the parties is attached to the official form and a copy is kept by the cadastre (see model). The lease is a lease concluded between the owner of the property and a tenant who wishes to have temporary ownership. It is different from a lease which is more typical of a fixed term. The agreement identifies the parties, the property, the duration of the rental, the amount of rent for the duration. This is usually a written agreement setting out the rental terms that are organized and managed by contract law. In practice, a lease can only be registered on land with a confirmed ownership right or a deed of ownership (land of a title). A long-term rental contract for a condominium in a licensed condominium is registered with the local land office where the condominium is located and is listed on the back of the condominium deed (image on the right). A contract for the rental of a unit in a building that is not registered under the Housing Ownership Act is entered on the deed of immovable property as a rental agreement for part of the building and indicated in the building plan. In accordance with Thailand`s rent and rent laws, any real estate lease (fixed-term rental) of more than 3 years must be in writing and recorded on the land ownership deed (deed of land ownership or co-ownership) as registered in the provincial or regional office registers section 538 Civil and Commercial CodeThai-LoiThai Section 538 Civil Code: “A rental of real estate is not enforceable unless there is written evidence signed by the responsible party.