Advantage Rent A Car Rental Agreement

No, towing is never allowed. This could irreparably damage the rental vehicle. Parking tickets issued and the use of toll roads during the rental period are the financial responsibility of the tenant. You are responsible for paying for parking violations, tolls and traffic violations as well as an administrative fee of 45 $US, so drive safely and comply with all regulations. Payments for these offences may be processed by a designated representative. We just saw the charges on our credit card – an extra $297 for me to drive. I did about fifteen kilometers during these three weeks. No supplements were ever mentioned. We rented to other companies and were never calculated when the spouse was the extra driver.

NEVER rent advantage. We have learned a very costly lesson. My experience with Advantage was good, until I realized that they charged me for collision insurance that I expressly waived, which is terribly common for this company. When I called the after-sales service originally, they gave me the runaround who told me that the company`s headquarters had reviewed my case and refused the request. Then, after some insistence, they said that the company allowed a 20% refund. All the lies to make you pay extra! Finally, I called another after-sales service number and received an extremely helpful gentleman, Sebastian, to cancel the fee for me almost immediately (no business valuation required). Interesting!) Thanks to Sebastian for checking my case and giving me the help I needed. Tips for new car rental companies – check EVERYTHING and beware of scams! LC, I hate your ordeal while reading. The benefit does not have a good reputation and your account is worse than our own unpleasant experiences with them. We opted for their lower price, as we rented for a longer period.

The tires were worn, the interior had been abused and the vehicle was older with higher mileage than we enjoyed with Thrifty, Budget and Alamo. I explained that it is ridiculous that Advantage charges 25$US for each incident if the incident is unavoidable. The manager, Mary**, the only argument was that I had signed the lease in which I was responsible for all tolls and fees without paying the toll. When I first rented the car and asked if I wanted the E-Z Pass option, I chose no, but the companion did not inform me that MA was a liquid state and that I would need the E-Z passport (so I am not at all aware of it at NC). The manager kept repeating that it was my fault if I hadn`t received the E-Z passport and that I wouldn`t drop the accumulated fees. It is totally unacceptable for a car rental agency to deceive its customers and not draw attention to the question of whether a state is cashless or not.