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Kappa Agreement Sas

Posted by Josh On September - 25 - 2021

However, if the categories assessed are ranked or ranked (for example. B a Likert scale with categories such as “disagree”, “disagree”, “neutral”, “agree” and “strongly agree”), a weighted Kappa coefficient is calculated, taking into account the different levels of divergence between categories. For example, when one reviewer “strongly opposes” and another “strongly agrees,” this should be considered a greater degree of disagreement than when one reviewer “agrees” and another “strongly agrees.” A typical 2×2 emergency table to assess the compliance of two evaluators Kappa`s asymptotic default error is estimated at 0.063. This gives a 95% confidence interval of κ (0.2026, 0.4497). In theory, all weights that meet both definition conditions (i.e. weights in diagonal cells = 1 and weights in non-diagonal cells ≥0 and <1) can be used. In practice, however, additional restrictions are often imposed to make weights more interpretable and meaningful. For example, since the degree of disagreement (concordance) is often a function of the difference between the i-th category and the evaluation category, the weights are generally defined in such a way as to reflect the concordance between the evaluation categories, for example. B for wii = f (i-j), f being a decreasing function that meets three conditions: a) 0≤f (x) <1; (b) f (x)=f (-x); and (c) f(0)=1. . .


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