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Haileybury Staff Agreement

Posted by Josh On September - 22 - 2021

There were also benefits for teachers. A Haileybury leaflet, which advertised the school to potential employees, claimed that teachers who have accepted a job in China could rejoice in a “competitive” salary, flights to Beijing nearby and free accommodation near the school. The project will further enhance Haileybury`s ability to attract the best Australian and international educational staff. The opening of Haileybury Rendall School is further proof of our commitment to twenty-first century education, which recognises entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship as key skills for life. This project continues to anchor these attributes in our culture. Pre-Prep T recently spent time with Scott Doran in his office discussing his role as Vice Principal at Haileybury. The tour has been documented and is on display in the ELC lobby. Children and parents are encouraged to share their valuable comments and reactions with ELC staff, which are recorded as part of the educational materials. “We are writing this email to express to Haileybury and all the teaching and specialist staff our deepest thanks for what has been done to support our daughter. We know and recognise all the hard work done by the school and staff to help each student.• A non-profit British International School offering world-class global education• A two-year contract renewable by mutual agreement• A highly competitive tax salary, based on experience• Generous tips guaranteed after a contract renewal is concluded: GBP 3000 (one-year extension), GBP 7000 (two-year extension) or GBP 11,000 (three-year extension) If you have any questions, please contact your campus coordinator or email Ms Jacqui Back (Head of Aerobics) at or Ms Samantha Drury (Head of Dance) at Principal Craig Glass. Craig has led Haileybury`s education program for nine years and is directly responsible for our outstanding academic results. As an outstanding education director, thinker and manager, he is the ideal founding director. Craig will play his role at the beginning of Term 3.

His wife, Mrs. Kerry Glass, an excellent teacher and director of education, will join Craig, along with other Haileybury educators at the other five campuses. Our CM1 students made us proud of how they met their portsea Camp challenges. This three-day/two-day adventure camp is a great opportunity to connect between campuses, staff, and students. Earlier this year, Haileybury announced a workplace Giving Initiative to its employees. The launch took place during the Professional Development Days before the start of the academic year. Only the Sultan is one of the fastest growing cities in Central Asia, and every year more and more teachers come to work here. There are currently five international schools in Nur-Sultan. Haileybury Astana is the only British international school in the capital of Kazakhstan. Some Haileybury staff members shared their experience of living and working in Nur-Sultan: we are very grateful to our collaborators for their generous contributions to this project.

We are grateful to so many people in our community who contribute to the Haileybury Foundation. You are making a difference. and change life forever. For more information on how your child can be involved in this challenge, please visit the website here or contact our teacher librarian Jessica Gallagher of Education is indeed a tripartite partnership between students, parents and teachers (the school) . . .

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