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Covid 19 Disclosure Agreement

Posted by Josh On September - 16 - 2021

Part 3: Continuous Disclosure Against COVID-19: Correction of False Market Consensus and Cooperation with Analysts To the extent possible, an announcement of adherence to a new essential contract should contain sufficient detail to allow investors or their professional advisors to understand and assess the impact on the price or value of the company`s securities. ASX acknowledged that this is often economically sensitive information as well as the possible application of the exception to the continued disclosure of “trade secrets” in listing rule 3.1A to such circumstances. Along with the commercial issues raised by such alleged or actual contractual terminations, listed companies should be aware of the potential need to submit termination or notification. While most confidentiality agreements include “legal” outsourcing for disclosure (which covers continuous disclosure), the expectations of counterparties, who might have considered this a boilerplate exception, should be managed. Assessing the “meaning” of an issue can be difficult in the best of times, and it is no different when one considers a treaty to be “essential”. Sometimes the answer will be clear, for example. B if the contract is with one of the company`s main suppliers or customers, is a lease that generates a significant portion of the rental income, or a senior facility agreement that provides debt financing necessary to operate a business. . . .

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