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Cnv Collective Agreement

Posted by Josh On September - 14 - 2021

Collective agreements cover a wide range of pay and conditionality issues, including early retirement, training leave, the organisation of leave throughout a worker`s working life, the place of women, the protection of persons with disabilities and the environment. Agreements increasingly provide for a number of benefits from which individual employees can choose. The agreements also deal with procedural issues such as the powers and status of members of works councils or trade union groups in the workplace. This is the first time that a collective agreement for the textile sector in Indonesia has been concluded in this way. This milestone for the region and international trade unions was reached with the support of CNV International. It is at the industry level that collective agreements are greatest. In 2013, the 182 agreements relating to normal issues of remuneration and condition at the sector level had 5,341,500 employees. Of this total, 4,706,500 were directly covered, since the employers involved were members of the employers` organization that had signed the agreements and 635,000 were covered by the government, which made certain agreements mandatory in a sector. (These figures and the figures below are taken from the Ministry of Labour report.

The wages and conditions of most workers are set by collective agreements which are adopted either at sectoral or company level. Collective agreements must be registered with the Ministry of Labour and its report on collective agreements in 2013, published in April 2014, shows that at that date there were 701 current collective agreements (currently defined as an expiry date of 1st 1 In Subang, on the Indonesian island of Java, the first inter-company collective agreement (MC CBA) was signed on behalf of 17,000 employees in the garment industry. The KNA is comparable to the one that was closed to the sector in the Netherlands. Henk van Beers, coach at CNV Internationaal: “This is a big step towards a fair clothing industry. You may be surprised that compliance with existing Indonesian legislation on working conditions is the most important point….

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