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Online Securities Trading Agreement

Posted by Josh On April - 11 - 2021

1.4 I/We are solely responsible for the confidentiality, protection and use of the password and/or commercial computing that allows electronic access to my account. All orders or instructions received on my account are authorized and binding by myself. 17. The broker has an express right to lend to himself or others the securities he terminates as collateral for all debts to the broker, individually or with other securities. 2.4 I/We understand that there is no intention to ask for my or our shares to buy or sell securities that may be posted on the site or provided by Philstocks. All information must be taken by me/us on the website in relation to all other materials that complement or support them. 3.3 Philstocks provides tutorial materials found on the website and/or on paper and through training seminars deemed useful for my or our businesses. I/We understand that I/we have a responsibility to use this material and/or attend these seminars for my benefit. 13. The broker requires that shares in good delivery form be deposited into your online trading account before accepting a sale order (your sales order cannot be executed if the shares (scripless) are not available in your portfolio. In the event that a sale order is inadvertently accepted and executed without the required stock being deposited into your account, you agree to immediately deliver to the broker the securities sold in a good deliverable and tradable form. You are responsible for the losses or expenses incurred by the broker as a result of your non-performance.

To complete your short sale, the broker must be able to borrow the security you sold and do not own. You are subject to a warranty purchase on your behalf and at your expense if we are unable to borrow the warranty you have briefly sold. When the securities are purchased, you will be responsible for all losses and costs incurred by the broker. The proceeds of all sales will be kept in your account unless you ask for something else. All other sales orders will be for the securities that belong to you at the time of order and will have to be long and in good shape on your account at the time of the transaction. As a risk management protocol and in accordance with the direct market access agreement with PES, the password automatically expires in ninety (90) days.

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