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Posted by Josh On April - 10 - 2021

Am I wrong to believe that my wife should be entirely in agreement with the signing of such an agreement? Another thing that canceled me was that BMO didn`t even try to freeze its account for suspicious activity. Considering that TD appears to be on the ball, BMO simply moved 4-5 transactions to suspicious accounts (all different accounts, e-transfers ranging from $1,500 to $2,500). And to everyone, when we called to report it, I spoke on behalf of my wife and the BMO representative did not even verify any identity. They seriously changed the login password to their BMO account over the phone and all I had to do was give them my wife`s name and address. This is the information that is readily available to fraudsters, or really, everyone. I`m in the bank with TD, and I`m a victim of theft several times, many because of fraudulent debit dispensers. TD has always been good at blocking my account before any money can actually be stolen, and I have never been robbed for more than $400, but they never made me sign an agreement stating that future incidents would be my responsibility. We went to the bank, they closed their account and they had it examined. It seems that we are recovering the money, but she made him sign an agreement stipulating that future unauthorized funds that will be transferred/stolen (AKA, stolen) would no longer be covered by BMO. Basically, she`d be bad by chance.

A message (including general marketing information and messages related to one or more of your accounts, which may contain your confidential information), which is sent electronically by us to you or us by you, via one or more of the following channels: (i) a message published in the information centre;ii) an e-mail sent to an email account; (iii) an SMS sent to a mobile phone number; or (iv) a push notification sent to a mobile device. We can charge a fee for electronic banking and electronic transactions. More information and current fees can be found in the pricing plans “Bank Plan Features and Charges,” “How to Do Free And Discount Banking,” “Pay-per Use-Geb-hren,” “Additional Services and Fees” and “Bank Accounts and Plans Are No Longer Offered” in the benefit of daily banking agreements, plans and fees. These fees are part of the Electronic Banking and Services Agreement. We can change fees from time to time. The latest rate information can be found at all Canadian branches and online at And even though the customer profile says you`re a woman in your 30s, but you sound like a man in the 1950s, the process is to stop the call, send the caller back to the branch with 2 ID files that need to be authenticated by branch employees and place a warning in the file. “Help service” refers to transactions or account history requests made with the assistance of an employee at a Canadian branch or through electronic banking. Hello there, thank you for providing us with your opinion and evaluation. We look forward to your comments and certainly share it with the appropriate area for verification. – Instead of improving security and oversight, more and more banks are shifting responsibility or costs to wait for the customer. I used to work at the BMO call center – this agent had to be fired.

There is a manual authentication process that must be tracked if the person on the other end of the phone has not self-authenticated by typing a debit card number and an online phone/banking password into the IVR before giving “zero.” Your card is our property; It is not transferable and you agree to give it to us immediately at our request. This electronic banking agreement (the “contract”) covers your use of all Bank of Montreal electronic banking services, as described below. Hello! Thank you for your positive feedback and I have forwarded your suggestions to the development team to take them into account in future updates.

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