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Loan Assignment Agreement Sample

Posted by Josh On April - 10 - 2021

7.3. By this agreement, the authorized agent irrevocably authorizes AV Marketplace, as agent of the agent, to request and recover late interest from the partner in favour of the agent, in accordance with the cooperation agreement of the originator of the credit, partner and market place, if the lender or partner does not pay amounts that the borrower paid to the agent in accordance with the contract or agreement. 2.8. AV Marketplace ensures that the agent becomes familiar on platform i with the translation of a standard credit contract on the basis of which the loan agreement was concluded. The translation of a standard loan contract is attached to Schedule 1 2.6 of this agreement. The right is transferred by the partner to the agent on the date on which the agent has paid the transfer fee to the Partner in full according to the terms prescribed in point 4.2 of the Terms and Conditions. Interest charged to the borrower and pending at the time of transfer is not transferred from the partner to the agent by transfer. To avoid any doubt, only interest calculated from the date of the transfer of the right is transferred from the partner to the agent. 7.2. In the event of insolvency of the loan or partner initiator or late payment by the loan initiator or partner in accordance with the loan originant`s cooperation agreement, av Marketplace, the av Marketplace agent, as agent, irrevocably authorizes the borrower, at his discretion, to inform the borrower of the assignment of the debt on behalf of the agent and to ask the borrower to continue to pay all disbursements of the debt. AV Marketplace or, in the event of a transfer of claim management by AV Marketplace to a third party as agent of the agent.

The agent authorizes AV Marketplace to send the customer notifications of the transfer of the right. 7.1.2. to make changes without prior consultation with the agent or to sign additional agreements to accompanying documents established in accordance with point 7.1.1 of the terms and conditions of sale; This transfer agreement relates to the situation in which a lender cedes its rights to a new lender under a loan agreement. Only the original lender`s rights under the loan agreement (i.e. the right to repay the loan and interest) are transferred.

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