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How Do You Apply The Four Agreements

Posted by Josh On April - 10 - 2021

I interpreted “is” as living in the present and “was” the representation of past behaviors. Tension change probably intentionally. The best way to develop knowledge is to bypass other evaluations and read the material and develop your own knowledge. Because I also look at topics in relation to me My opinion is that we all get something different from any book, based on completely different emotional reactions, based on the observations of a group that reads all four chords at the same time. There were about 50 of them, and I recommended it to a brother and sister who had a childhood trauma. He read the first chapters in tears, but he understood the healing power in himself. The first one only me off, but I understood that he was drawing why we shouldn`t believe that way. Be immaculate with your word. Don`t take anything personal. Don`t make any assumptions. Always do your best. The light and the truth. What I`m learning is that I train myself when I`m more aware of how I use my energy — emotionally, spiritually and professionally.

After a while, like every new model we practice, it becomes routine, and ultimately with enough repetition, a way of life. For now, I have to remember how I want to use my energy and it`s still a daily practice. Now that I have the chords and thanks to Janet, the tools that will help me implement them, I look forward to the day when it is no longer a practice, but a whole new lifestyle. I have neither read nor planned this book. I saw these four chords on the wall in a yoga teacher house and laughed. These tenants are what Saniel Bonder, the founder of Waking Down In Mutality, would call hyper-masculine ideas to improve us. They could improve our lives for a while, but like all self-improvement projects, they imply that ultimately we need more self-insurance. Although there is an important place for the action component in life (the male strength), it is necessary to reconcile it with the softer outfit and to accept the maternity qualities of the deep feminine. Truly loving us for and with all our human weaknesses is the key to the non-judgment of ourselves and others, and a surprising impudence. This can pave the way for a deeper understanding that involves knowing us as an unlimited presence of Devine. Here is a spontaneous list of my 4 chords: (1) Pause – again and again The four chords are: Be immaculate with your word, take nothing personally, do not make assumptions, and always do your best. They may look like a general consultation, but the whole point is the system behind the four agreements and their effects.

This spiritual system can be taken in a less spiritual way and create a great set of rules for the economy (which we will soon reach). I told Janet why I didn`t connect to Ruiz`s revolutionary hardware. I explained that I understood the value of agreements, but that it is their practical application that I have to face. The first and fourth collusion, “being impeccable with your word” and “always doing your best”, are not so hard, but the second and third, “take nothing personally” and “don`t make assumptions”, have proved very difficult to practice. When I read, “We make assumptions about what others do or think — we take it personally — we blame them and react by sending emotional poison with our word.” It amazed me! I had literally never considered this concept. It was one of the simplest agreements to conclude. All you need to do to stop making assumptions is ask more questions. Ask questions until you get a clear and concise answer. Whenever there is uncertainty, doubt or confusion… Ask a direct question! You will then have the opportunity to react correctly and with integrity.

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