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Heco Nem Agreement

Posted by Josh On April - 10 - 2021

Existing new NEM systems require a new two-way meter that can measure the energy provided by your supply company and the excess electricity from your renewable energy system exported to the grid. Hawaiian Electric makes the meter available to you free of charge when executing the NEM agreement. In October 2018, hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) launched NEM Plus, a program that allows Net Energy Metering (NEM) customers to integrate features such as energy storage into their rooftop solar installations, provided the new devices do not export electricity to the grid. The program is available to nearly 71,000 NEM EXISTANTS customers with a contract signed with Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light. There are no capacity or queue restrictions for programs, so there is no time limit. The only precondition for participation is an executed NEM agreement. As with all of our programs, we encourage our clients to conduct their own research and make an informed decision about whether NEM Plus is well suited to their situation. Customers can install new panels, batteries or a combination of both as part of this program. The NEM Plus system output is used exclusively on-site and should not be exported to the network. The addition of the NEM Plus system does not affect the client`s EXISTING agreement on NEMs. As a general rule, for systems of up to 10 kW, you must enter into a simple NEM agreement with the distribution company, which can be concluded after installing your renewable energy system. Your licensee or electrician must obtain a building permit and have a licensed power contractor panel and certify its renewable energy system that meets the required safety standards. NeM application procedures for HELCO and MECO may be different; Please visit the Hawaii Electric Light Company website or Maui Electric website for more information.

Call the contractor who installed your renewable energy system and ask the contractor to make an appointment with the electrical and building inspectors. The licensed electrician who has completed the work must be present at the inspection. Closing the building permit means that your system has been tested and designed and installed in accordance with current safety codes. Final monitoring and approval by building and electricity inspectors is necessary and is an essential part of the implementation of an NEM agreement.

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