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Above The Line Agreement

Posted by Josh On April - 7 - 2021

Yes, it`s about money, not ego, talent, skill or something else. The terms above the line and under the line existed before the movie store, and both have different meanings in advertising. However, I have the impression that it has a negative connotation, and especially online in recent years, where it has taken on a whole new meaning to express the tenacity of work in the film industry. That`s what brings us here. Often, this term is used for issues related to the film`s production budget. Expenses above the line reflect the expected compensation of the role of an official member in a given film project. These expenses are generally defined, negotiated, issued and/or promised before the start of the main photograph. These include rights on the right to safeguard the material on which the script is based, production rights on the screenplay, compensation for screenwriters, producers, directors, lead actors and other cost lines, such as assistants for producers, directors or actors. That`s because it all starts with history – whether it`s book rights, which were acquired for the development of the screenplay, a concept of history that has yet to be written, or a fully written screenplay, the money goes to a writer or group of writers responsible for writing the original property (aka screenwriter, story concept, processing, outline, logline, comic book or novel form, or any other form of material used to make a film. The “line” separates roles, often seen as part of the development and execution of the creative aspect of cinema, from roles that are typically responsible for the craft of cinema. “Above the line” shows who and what is needed before the start of the main photograph.

The distinction goes back to the early days of the studio, when the budget-top-sheet would literally have a line that separated the costs above and below the line. They are the face and voice of a feature and they appear in most of them. While support compositions, marked extras and “under-line” background extras appear on a budget, the main distribution appears “above the line.” It is for this reason that a line producer is classified as a line producer because he sits on the line and supports both parties during production. They are called line manufacturers because they can only start working when they know what the “line” is between the “over-the-line” and the “under-line” cost. Above and below the line is a term widely used in the film industry. The line I`m talking about is the imaginary line that separates those who have a creative influence on a film, and those who don`t. Although it is also an accounting concept used by the producer when he appreciates his budget. – For the breakdown of a budget for films,… in general, feature films, but I guess that might apply… Even in short films,…

It is very common to refer above the cost of the line… and below line costs…. So let`s take a quick look at what that means…. The line here refers to a line, a real line,… in the budget…. There are certain groups of people above this line…. These fall into four groups of people… who generally have the greatest influence… about the creative aspects of the film…. Writers, producers, directors and actors…. Even above the spending line usually don`t change…

on bigger movies, because these people have a definite amount… Money they receive for their work on the film…. Some people argue that the director of photography should be considered beyond the line.

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